Ten Songs By The Beatles To Lift Your Spirits

When you find yourself in times of trouble, and you want somebody to love, all you got to do is call, and they'll be there. Then you can start to make it better.

Here are ten songs by The Beatles that can lift your spirits and bring you some good vibes.

Let It Be

To some, a song of religion. To others, a song of hope. Whichever group you're on, you'd agree that this masterpiece penned by Paul McCartney can send chills down your spine the moment you hear that first gospel-tinged piano chord. Be sure to listen to the album version, the one with the soul-shredding guitar solo by John Lennon.

With A Little Help From My Friends

A charming song about friendship that's not too serious, not too dramatic. Just a sincere, heartfelt tune that you and your buddies can sing-along to, clink beer mugs to, and, staying true to the lyrics, can get high with.

Here, There, And Everywhere

With its sweet lyrics and lovely melody, this song can vanquish any lovers spat. Never had Paul's voice sounded so mellow, as it sails along the harmonies whispered by John and George. Dance to this tune with your better half and you'll surely be creating a wonderful, unforgettable moment.

Here Comes The Sun

Listen to this song after you've just gone through a tough time, and you can feel a liberating, cathartic release. It's a gentle, soothing track that comforts you by saying it's okay now, the worst is over, and everything's going to be alright. 

Hey Jude

In much the same way Paul wrote it for John's son Julian, this track is like your father or your uncle giving you advice on how to go about a difficult situation. Whether it's about a girl you like not noticing you, or your parents going through a divorce, the song is a reminder that you will always have the power to deal with your troubles and come out of it all for the better.

Twist And Shout

Whatever troubles you're going through, this song is a powerful testament that you'll feel better if you just shake it, shake it, shake it, baby, now!

I Feel Fine

You remember the feeling you had when you find out the girl you like likes you too? The feeling when you walk into a room and realize the girl you're with is the prettiest there? The feeling when you realize the most beautiful girl in the world really, actually loves you? This song is the soundtrack of that feeling.

Eight Days A Week

This may be a love song, but its irresistible singalong vibe makes it go well with almost any occasion-- drinking with friends, karaoke with the family, road trips, celebrating personal victories, or just singing along with Spotify while doing the dishes.

Anytime At All

When John sang, "anytime at all, all you got to do is call, and I'll be there", it didn't take long for Carole King to write, "all you have to do is call, and I'll be there, yes I will, you've got a friend", and for Michael Jackson to chime in, "just call my name, and I'll be there".

Different tunes. One message.

All You Need Is Love

The verses may be slightly gibberish to some, but that simple, catchy chorus makes sure you get the message, and does its best to embed it in your consciousness.

More than fifty years after it was written, this song is still used as an anthem of love and unity around the world.