How To Recover From A Broken Heart

No matter what you do, no matter how you go about it, it is an absolute certainty that at one time or another, you’re going to get your heart broken. Just like growing up and getting sick, heartbreak is an undeniable, unavoidable part of life.

So in the same way we prepare ourselves on what to do in case of fires and earthquakes, we should also know what to do to recover from a broken heart.

To be clear, heartbreak is not limited to pain caused by a lover’s betrayal, or a failed romantic relationship. You can have your heart broken through a close relative’s death, a friend’s departure, or maybe even a pet’s demise.

Here are things to keep in mind if you want to get over your broken heart in the least possible time.

Acknowledge the heartbreak

You won’t be able to get over your broken heart if you’re denying that you have one. We sometimes put on a brave face and act strong and tell ourselves we’re not too affected by something that’s actually tearing us apart.

The first thing we need to do is to swallow our pride and admit that we’re feeling down and hurting. From there, we can contemplate on how to go about standing up and bouncing back.

Indulge in momentary pleasures

We’ve all seen those cliché movie scenes of broken hearted characters pigging out on tubs of ice cream and mountains of French fries. Why did it become a cliché? Because it’s true. Indulging in comfort food can make you feel better even if for just a while, and you’ll want that over not feeling better at all.

Another movie cliché you can recreate is drowning your sorrow at the nearby bar and spilling your guts out to the bartender. You don’t even have to go to the bar if you don’t feel like it, and just tilt the bottle at home.

A caveat: alcohol can make you lose your inhibitions so you may have the urge to call your ex at three in the morning. Hopefully you won’t act on it.

Pamper yourself

We see movie characters and even real people get haircuts when they’re going through a tough time. You should do that, too. It’s one way of pampering yourself and it will make you feel better, bring back your self-esteem, and maybe even help give you a proper perspective of your situation.

Other ways you can treat yourself are by getting a massage, buying some new clothes, going on a vacation, and yes, maybe even having casual encounters, if that’s your thing.

Keep friends and family close

This is one of those times in your life when you need a shoulder to cry on, and you probably have numerous pairs of shoulders at the ready on your contact list. All you have to do is ask.

Unloading your troubles on loved ones can take a whole lot of weight off of your shoulders, and if you’re lucky they may even give you valuable advice that could help you in your recovery process. You’ll have a chance to return the favor when they come calling to you for sympathy and comfort.

Keep busy

Bury yourself in work. Take up a new hobby. Do some general cleaning. You won’t be feeling the pain so much when you’re busy.

Some even use their heartbreak as motivation for achieving and accomplishing more. Not to win back their exes (or at least not all the time) but to restore their self-image and confidence. Using a painful experience as motivation to succeed is just like, or maybe even better than, making lemonade out of lemons.

Keep distance from your ex

Stay far away from your ex or from whomever broke your heart. There will be a right time for forgiveness and reconciliation but that time is not now, not when your wounds are still fresh.

The person who caused your pain may want to get it touch with you to apologize and that’s alright. It might even be helpful. But keep your encounter as brief as possible. Politely say you need time alone to heal, and if they really care about you, they would respect your request.

Keep yourself open

Rebound relationships are never a good idea, but it’s not impossible for you to meet somebody special during this particularly trying time in your life. It may be hard to discern whether someone’s for keeps or just a passing fancy when you’re blinded by pain, so just be open-minded and for the moment, noncommittal when it comes to your romantic prospects.

You can make as many new friends as you like, but you may want to hold off on making a new commitment while you’re still nursing a broken heart. To make sure you’re not committing to somebody for the wrong reasons, wait until you’re fully healed, devoid of pain and resentment, before you dive into your next relationship

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels