The Best Things In Life That Are Really, Truly Free

We all go through life searching for the best deals, and what deal could possibly be better than getting something for nothing?

Here are some of the best things we can get for free, right here, right now.


The earth could very well be the most precious gift given to us, and we don’t need to pay a cent to enjoy it. It’s always there, waiting for us on the other side of our front door. Always beckoning, always available, always free. 

Sometimes, we get so consumed by our troubles that we tend to take nature for granted, and we suffer, in ways that can and can’t be felt.

Make a conscious effort to regularly commune with mother nature. Soak in the view. Breathe in the fresh air. Walk in the park. Swim in the lake. You can take it even further by camping out, pitching a tent, and gazing at the stars.


You can always count on your family to be there for you, ready to give you love, support, advice, company, or whatever else you may need as you go through life.

Be careful, though—don’t go asking for freebies from family members for something they do for a living. Whether it’s your accountant uncle filing your taxes, or your mechanic cousin fixing your car, or your carpenter brother doing repairs on your house, never assume their service is free, unless they explicitly said so. Even then, it’s always polite to offer payment. You’d prefer that treatment if you were in their place, wouldn’t you?


Unlike family, friends stay in our lives voluntarily, and you’d know the true ones by looking at who’s sticking around during your times of need. Keep them close and make them your source of strength, comfort, and happiness. They will gladly give these to you free of charge, so the least you can do is to do the same and be there for them when they need you.


We always hear the story about the billionaire who’s always stressed, always troubled, and can’t get a wink of sleep at night. This is perhaps the perfect illustration of the fact that money can’t buy peace of mind.

We can have peace if our hearts are free from guilt, worry, stress, hate, resentment, and anger. Don’t take on more than you can handle, and don’t do deeds that go against your moral code,


It’s free, it’s precious. We’re all given the same amount every day, whether rich or poor, young or old, sick or well. It’s too fast when we’re busy, and too slow when we’re bored.

Time is a finite resource that most people find difficult to manage. There are some tips and tricks you can try and a whole lot of time management seminars you can attend, but it all boils down to matching your tasks with the time you have. Too much to do in too little time equals stress. Too much time with not much to do equals boredom.

Time may be free, but it very well could be the most valuable resource we have, and it’s always our choice to either make the most of it, or squander it.


Sex can be bought. Love can’t. Some people get confused because one is a manifestation of the other. Some emotions can also be mistaken for love, like empathy, admiration, pity, fondness, infatuation, and sometimes, even kindness.

Love, the emotion you feel for your spouse, your parents, your siblings, and your friends, is something you give freely, sometimes even unconsciously. You can’t sell it, and it can’t be bought. It ceases to be love the moment money becomes involved. That’s just the nature of it.

Conversely, love is something that’s freely given to you. The expression love begets love refers to our tendency to love a person who has shown or expressed their love for us. Some would say that given this, love is not truly free, because we pay love with love, and still others would argue that real love doesn’t actually ask for anything in return; that it’s unconditional and doesn’t require reciprocation.


It doesn’t cost us anything to dream about being rich, being famous, having an expensive car, and living in a mansion. It feels good picturing ourselves having what our heart desires and enjoying the life we crave.

The best we can do is to use these visions as fuel to motivate us to turn those dreams into reality, working hard to fulfill our aspirations of having a comfortable life or a fulfilling career.

Dreaming is free, and if done right, can serve as the impetus for a process that will make our life better.


Reminiscing is free. All it takes is a bit of pondering, reflecting, and hopefully a quiet, peaceful place to do it.

Old photos and videos can surely make it easier, sweeter, and more vivid. What can make your reminiscing even more enjoyable is doing it with loved ones who’ve been with you throughout your life. You can laugh together and fill each other’s memory gaps for a clearer, more complete trip down memory lane.


Some of us may be paying for subscriptions to streaming services, but generally, music can be had and enjoyed for free, as long as you’re not too picky or demanding. You can get your fix on YouTube or if you’re so inclined, pick up a guitar or sit at a piano and make your own music, either by yourself or with friends.

You don’t even need instruments. Just sing out a tune while walking down the street, riding a train, or doing the dishes, and there’s music. You’re making it, enjoying it, and bringing it to the world.

We may not be able to survive just on free stuff, but there’s definitely a whole lot of free we can get that can make our lives better. Sometimes, these can even be more important than the ones we pay for.

Photo by Eternal Happiness from Pexels