7 Vaccines We Desperately Need But Probably Wouldn’t Get

No other vaccine in the history of mankind had been developed faster and with more urgency than the CoVid-19 vaccine. An unfathomable death toll in a horrendous pandemic had prompted the greatest scientific minds to come together and produce a vaccine in less than a year, a solution that would hopefully rid the world of this terrible disease quickly and effectively. 

In stark contrast, the AIDS vaccine has been in development for more than three decades but has yet to see the light of day. Why? Because it’s harder to develop? Because there’s less urgency? Because it’s less contagious? Because there’s no sufficient research funding? Perhaps it’s a combination of all these reasons and more. 

But there’s prevailing optimism that the AIDS vaccine will one day be a reality, and while the disease remains deadly, it’s no longer a death sentence, thanks to new accessible treatments that effectively manages its symptoms and progression. 

Because vaccines work as a defensive stop against viruses and bacteria, there are still a lot of conditions and illnesses we can’t vaccinate against, though we desperately need to. 

The Depression Vaccine

We lose so many lives to suicide every day, and most of these tragedies are caused by depression. Imagine how many lives could be saved if there were a depression vaccine we could take as children. We’d still feel the occasional sadness, as it’s part of a normal human emotional cycle, but we would be free from morbid feelings of despair that could lead to suicide or self-harm. 

The Cancer Vaccine

Nothing compares to the helplessness and anguish a cancer patient feels. While treatments exist such as chemotherapy, they offer but a slim chance of convalescence and comes at a great cost to the body. A cancer vaccine could save humanity from countless tragedies, especially among afflicted children, the most innocent and most vulnerable victims of the disease. 

The Inequality Vaccine

The inequality vaccine would be something that we get as a child, which would make us see all people as equal, regardless of race, sex, age, gender, size, or appearance. It would make discrimination a thing of the past, and maybe perhaps make hate crimes obsolete. We will all see each other through our deeds, our values, and our accomplishments. 

The Outburst Vaccine

After taking this vaccine, we will no longer be seething, snapping, losing our cool, or blowing our top. We will always be calm and composed, and whatever anger or frustration we’d be feeling would be manageable, and kept inside of us only to serve as cue and motivation to correct anything that’s wrong or make things better. 

The Anxiety Vaccine

Anxiety can be seriously debilitating, and while there are medications that can manage or even prevent it, a vaccine that eradicates it would certainly be helpful. We sometimes need to worry, because that’s what drives us to be careful and take precautions, but the vaccine will make sure that worried won’t progress to anxious. 

The Dementia Vaccine

If you’d been witness to a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, you’d know about the hopelessness, sadness, and sense of loss as you watch someone you care for become just a shell of their former self. A dementia vaccine would assure that no one has to go through the anguish and frustration of losing one’s faculties, and that all of us would be lucid and attentive right until our final moments. 

The Jealousy Vaccine

This vaccine may seem frivolous and unnecessary, but think of all the negative thoughts and feelings that come with jealousy, and imagine them all being a thing of the past with the jealousy vaccine. It would make for happier couples with less fighting and more understanding. The vaccine should also eliminate other related emotions such as envy and insecurity.

Photo by RF._.studio from Pexels