What If We All Could Live Forever?

What if we all could live forever?
Would life be easier or harder?
Would life be more or less sacred?
Would we feel more or less hatred?

What if we all could never die?
What if we all see centuries fly by?
Would we still have the will to live?
Would we still have love to give?

What if we all became immortal?
What if we all were beings eternal?
Would life still have meaning?
Would love still have feeling?

What if all our lives had no end?
What if we’re all endless like the wind?
Would we be glad being always young?
Would we get tired of seeing the sun?

What if we all could live forever?
What if we all had eternity together?
Would we try to treat each other better?
Would we still try to kill each other?

Photo by Julian Jagtenberg